And on the 7th Day, humans created conspiracies

And on the 7th Day, humans created conspiracies
And on the 7th Day, humans created conspiracies

Now I don’t bother with if Jay’s Illuminati or not but / I know TSA got me throwing the Roc up / Hollywood rules, the illusion is cruel / Bank awards planned and confusions’ a tool / In fact, vampire swarms attack us, grappled with corporate Draculas / Tried to consume our worlds, battled Unicron, Galactus…” That’s an excerpt from Rakaa Iriscience’s Century of self. No, it’s not a book, so don’t look it up on Amazon.

In this century it’s practically impossible to be under 30, listening to hip hop and not getting caught up in the Illuminati conversation. Is the Illuminati real? Who are they? Is it a religion? How do I get in? Can I get out? There are more than 100 questions you can ask in regard to this group. I’ve never really been into conspiracy theories and that’s why you’ll never see my social media accounts riled with bible verses predicting the end times and how Rothschild runs the whole world.

I’m a liberal guy that believes there’s always a story behind the story but we only get the third version of the story. The PG version if I may add. Do I believe in the existence of the illuminati? Yes, I do. Is it really the Illuminati people talk about? Not really my friend. I do believe in the existence of an elitist group of individuals that want to centre power in their social circles, which essentially comes with power and the need to hold on to it.

If you’ve had the privilege to listen to hip hop or even had an argument with a religious person, you must have heard of the idea of selling your soul to the devil. The first time I heard this notion, I had one question. Who evaluates the value of my soul? Is it valuated at the time of selling or is it dependent on potential? And, is it renegotiable? Personally, I believe we all sell our souls to something at different points in our lives. It’s not a one time transaction. And I believe that if I sell my soul I should be able to renegotiate at any particular time depending on my potential.

Drug addicts sell their souls to different forms of drugs for different reasons. Some want to escape reality, which honestly is becomes too tough at some point. Others want to build a reality. Some simply want fit in or prove something. In my world, the use of devil is metaphoric. Who is the devil? In my definition, the devil is any decision that makes you lose your principles to gain something. Work can be the devil for you.

Picture this. Tim is a mid-level company CEO, with a wife and two lovely kids (OK, I’m not sure if the kids are lovely or not). He spends most of his time at work and barely gets to see his kids and wife. Over time, Tim resigns from his job and starts a small business. He is now able to spend time with his family. He realizes his son is always in his room and his daughter is never present. He could’ve asked his wife, but she’s barely in the house either.

Technically, Tim lost his family over work. Would blame Tim for providing everything but his presence to his family? However you look at it, Tim sold his soul to his work and lost his family in the process. The Illuminati does exist and we’ve all fallen prey to it. Our vices, habits, needs and wants are the driving factors. People describe the illuminati as a secret society, but what’s so different about it compared to religions?

Religion encourages you to join but doesn’t encourage you to question the doctrines it operates on. Illuminati apparently allows you to join, but doesn’t allow you to divulge its secrets. Any society or group that needs you to give up a part of your life in order to get another is essentially the illuminati. It’s only that one offers immediate results while others offer the promise of future rewards.

The question I always ask myself is what determines which route I follow? Should I give up the chance to live comfortably on earth for the opportunity to live miserably in the afterlife or should I suffer on earth await my rewards in the afterlife. It comes down to a simple issue: When do I want to suffer? Depending on how good you have it or how desperate you are, you’ll make a decision based on your situation.

Selling your soul has nothing to do with literally giving out your soul to someone or something. It’s a matter of giving another party the opportunity to pull the cord whenever they feel it necessary. Take rappers for example, who for some reason are the most affected by the illuminati scourge. When you listen to all the claims from these rappers it boils down to music promotion and bad record deals.

Any rapper that falls off the radar after being hot for a minute blames the illuminati and any rapper that stays hot for a minute has people attributing his or her success to the illuminati. To some extent it’s true. Promoters, record label moguls and top Djs want you to kiss ass or get on your knees for airtime and the road you choose technically determines your level of success in the industry.

On the other hand, we have seen rappers without any major record label deal making it big simply because of their strategy and business models. Nippsey Hussle, Techn9ne and Slim Thug are just a few of such kind of artists. When most of these rappers come out all guns blazing on the illuminati, it’s usually as a result of them turning down something they felt would jeopardize their street cred or was against their principles.

I’m one who always judges depending on how people present their arguments and how well they can factually defend these statements. So, I won’t throw stones at anyone for selling their soul for a few dollars as long as it’s not something that will in turn affect people who weren’t involved in the deal. You know why you need that money now and if you can sell your soul and keep it as that, I’ll gladly take you to your auction.

My problem is having people busy talking about morals and they aren’t any different. Whether you’re a religious person, atheist, agnostic or whatever other option there is, your life is your sole business. We all have different needs and wants are different points in our lives. If selling my soul for two years will keep me comfortable for the rest of my life, where’s the problem in that? If suffering on earth and enjoying my afterlife is my idea of salvation, so be it.

Never be quick to throw stones at any house; glass or stone. Before you do, always remember, religion tells you to give your life to a supernatural being, either physically or metaphorically. The illuminati asks you to give up a part of your life for gratification on earth. It’s a give and take situation between both and every man knows the weight they can carry on their back.

You have sold your soul for something at one point in your life. Remember that, “I’ll do anything for this” moment in your life. The illuminati presents itself in different forms, you just need to know what’s worth it and what’s not worth it. It also depends on how much you can handle in life and your preparedness to deal with the consequences of your decisions. Also, could you by any chance know where I can get oversize Damani Dada shorts?

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