Mama, where’s papa?

He said he’d be back yesterday,

And why can’t I play with Aziz?

He’s been sleeping for too long,

When are we going home?

Everything is ok my son,

Papa will join us,

He’s making tomorrow better,

Aziz is tired,

Let him rest, he’s home.

What about school?

I already did my homework,

I learnt about addition,

But I don’t understand division,

Is it time to go home yet?

We’ll go home my son,

Division is simple,

Distribute according to need,

Share without greed,

Time to go home will come.

Who are these mummy?

What do those signs mean?

What does immigrant mean?

Are the guns to protect us?

Or is it like home?

These are friends my boy,

Worry not about the signs,

The guns won’t keep you awake,

We’re here to make a start,

We are home now.

You told me this was home,

But is it really home?

They mock my accent,

Call me a terrorist,

Will we ever be at home?

They try my son,

We are strangers to them,

Make yourself at home,

But don’t forget your home,

Till we find our way home.

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