Momma wants me to go to church,
Says it’ll nourish me,
Provide spiritual growth,
Give me a way out,
She says God listens,
To all,
Regardless of race or status,
All I need to do is ask,
Well I did mum,
I went before God,
Got on my knee,
Started as a prayer,
Thanking Him for all we have,
Asking for those who lacked,
But I had my own questions,
Why would I keep them to myself?
Mum told me God knew it all,
All that was in my head
What I thought,
What I contemplated,
But I have a dark past,
I needed to guide Him,
Show Him around,
So I got off my knees,
Sat on the platform,
Looked into the sky,
Took my glasses off,
And simply asked God,

Why do have inequalities?
When we’re all equal before your eyes,
So why do we need religion?
Isn’t being born in a tough world hard enough?
Do we have to be confused further?
Told to love our neighbours.
Even if they offend us,
Spit on what we believe,
Made to choose sides,
Why not end this all?
Relieve us of all the pain,
When I have to explain to my girl,
Why her mother’s covering her eyes,
Wearing eye shadow,
To shade the tears she’s shed,
From knowing I do what I do,
Not because I love it,
But because she has to eat,
Would I sell drugs if I had a job?
I don’t know,
Now they’re judging me,
Telling me it’s a choice,
But I had no choice when being born,
All I was given was life,
The rest I made from scratch,
It’s not easy but I do it,
Why should I let my daughter suffer?

I read about Adam and Eve,
No king, no government,
All I saw was equity,
But then came kings,
Ordained from above,
Mini gods on earth,
People with power over life and death,
Did we really need them?
Are the laws yours or theirs?
Forgive my inquisitiveness,
I’m lost in all this confusion,
I wouldn’t want to suffer in life,
And in the afterlife,
You sent your son,
The people you put there,
Are the same ones that took his life,
The people your son influenced,
Had different ideas,
Ambition got the better of them,
Or let’s just say they’re human,
They split to factions,
Claiming a common ancestry,
Giving rise to condescending descendants,
People incapable of adapting,
It’s their way or no way,
Is this our purpose on earth?
Antagonize other people?
Or why are we on earth?
If this is how we’ve got to live,
I’d just like you to tell me,


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