The Truth

The Truth

It takes a planet to know a star,

There has to be a master and a servant,

A leader and a follower,

And I’m neither,

I neither lead nor follow,

I believe in independence,

Not just from the colonial yokes,

Or from your parents clutch and wallet,

But from perceived reality,

Because who really knows the truth?

How sure are you that your truth is not the ultimate truth?

Is there an empirical way of proving it?

Truth is an abstract term,

And it cannot be quantified,

So why choose to believe another truth?

A truth is not a law,

A law governs,

Truth controls,

What is the truth?



Telling a lie is wrong,

That is the truth,

The religious books tell us so,

The religious leaders emphasize on this tenet,

But are they not living a lie?

The Christian wants you to pay for blessings,

But talks about the Kingdom of God belonging to the poor,

The Muslim teaches about love,

But is busy killing his own kind,

The Jew thinks he is the chosen one,

Kills at will,

In the name of protecting their own,

The Hindu takes up numerous gods,

But does not believe in the gods of other religions,

What truth is there in that?

The traditionalist believes in nature,

But is deemed primitive,

Because he channels his spirituality to what he sees,

Isn’t one of the ways of acquiring knowledge seeing?

I’m a little bit confused,

What is truth?



We go through an education system,

Set by a group of people,

Without taking part in the decision making,

What would prevent them from setting their agendas?

What would stop them from giving us truths?

Truths that we have no means of validating,

Wasn’t the truth that colonialists came with supposed to liberate us?

Was it not the hope that we so much needed?

What has become of it?

Tribal wars have been technologized if not nationalized,

We have to pay to get knowledge,

A knowledge that only serves to narrow our minds,

To think in a streamlined manner,

To either be pro-life or not,

Support the gay and lesbian community or lose out on donor funds,

It’s your ball to play,

You are either in control,

Or you are the one being controlled,

There are no two ways around this,

I’d really like to know what is the truth?



This is not an attack on religions,

I support the thought of having freedom over belief,

I just question a few things about our conventional religions,

I choose to speak of the religion I was brought up in,

If Christians celebrate Christmas,

A day meant to mark the birth of their saviour,

A day that is so revered in the Christian circles,

When in essence it was a pagan holiday,

A day to celebrate Saturn,

The god of agriculture,

Why is this never mentioned?

Why would the church,

An institution that fights for truth,

Be at the forefront of not revealing the truth to its congregation?

Is it the thought that counts?

Can I think my way to heaven without actions?

I wouldn’t know, you tell me,

The truth is not taught,

It is sought,

However much it seems out of reach,

It can be obtained,

Search for yours,

And maybe unlike me,

Your question won’t be,

What is truth?


 *The thoughts in this post are purely an individual opinion and you can feel free and have yours as well.Image






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