The Sadist

The Sadist


She said I’m an animal,

A brute,

A devil,

A beast of sorts,

Let me show her my mark,

My revelation,

The hate in me is brunette,

They say chivalry is dead,

I can confirm that,

I saw logic kill it,

Chop its head off,

Buried it,

And left the body on the streets,


I oversaw its cremation,

Put the ash in an urn,

And cremated the urn,

Just in case it thought it’d pull a Lazarus,

I’m not hurtful,

I’m spiteful,

I never see my glass as half empty,

Or full,

I drink straight from the tap,

They call me the sadist.

There was Tasha,

She was a church usher,

Easy on the smile,

So I didn’t really rush her,

But behind closed doors,

She was just like Usher,

Letting out all these confessions,

She didn’t want me to reveal,

So she made me sign a concession,

But as long as it was in my possession,

There would always be an obsession,

She loved me,

I lust her,

But I didn’t want to hurt her,

So I set her up with my boy,

Just so that I could bust her,

And that I did,

So I left her,

On the pretence I didn’t trust her,

I covered all my bases,

I guess that’s why,

They call me the sadist.

Then came Malinda,

The most sought after,

For her I had to submit a tender,

I borrowed a nice suit,

Got into a nice ride,

And went with my secretary Linda,

I didn’t need to pitch,

I already had a snitch,

She told me Malinda had an attitude,

She was basically a bitch,

I knew my way around her,

She had one of those posteriors,

I took her to my joint,

She loved the interior,

If only she knew my motives were ulterior,

There was nothing I wanted more,

Than to be in her interior,

Things went well,

Our relationship had become senior,

But we all have goals,

And mine I had achieved,

I knew it was my time to leave,

I left with a note,


They call me the sadist.

I ended up meeting Lauretta,

With me she had a vendetta,

I had left her earlier,

And things hadn’t got better,

She knew I was the one,

And I knew that I was done,

So we decided to be one,

We went for dinner,

Some under the moonlight,

Others beside candles,

Things were looking up,

I was finally growing up,

I would wake up,

And the first thing,

To myself,

I would fist bump,

In the back of my head,

A thought popped up,

What made her come back?

Is it me?

Is it the love?

Or she just wanted the last say?

I let her have it,

I gave her the opportunity to dump me,

It was through,

They call me the sadist.

All the names used are purely for the purpose of the post.


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