The marvel that is nature

The marvel that is nature

Depressing as it may be,

Encouraging as it gets,

The dawn of a new day is beautiful,

When the sun peeps,

Warm rays,

In the cold morning weather,

Meet your eyes,

And your eyes its glare,

When the hills brighten,

The plains’ dew glows,

And birds sing of its beauty,

That is the joy of morning,

A beginning you see everyday,

An unpredictable beginning,

That brings with it joy,

Laughter, skepticism and pain,

A beginning some dread,

Others relish,

And others look at with yesterday’s eyes,

That is the joy of morning.

I see splendor in still water,

The serenity,

The ambiguity,

Of it’s the depth,

The fear of what lurks,

Coupled with the confidence,

From the clarity of the water,

That you can see where you’re diving,

The reflection of the sun,

Off the scales of a fish,

The wonder of life beneath water,

How plants grow,

Completely immersed in water,

Creatures at peace in their element,

The bird that swoops from the sky,

So swift,

Yet so magnificent,

As it picks out its prey from the sky,

Flying down into the water,

And gloriously taking away its prize,

Bringing an end to one life,

While sustaining another.

How I ponder,

Each time it rains,

Sit by the window,

Look at the pandemonium,

See a whole terrain change,

Watch as raindrops fall from the window,

Trickle to the ground,

Only for them to be sipped,

The mystery of rain,

A sign of hope,

That can take away any sign of hope,

Nature can not be understood,

I can only marvel,

At its magnificence,

And wait to curse,

Praise it,

Or be indifferent about it,

Just like nature,

The human mind can’t be predicted,

I can only sit back and learn.

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