The Greatest Mistake

The Greatest Mistake

I’ve made many mistakes in my life,
Some good, others great,
But none like she,
She was the best mistake,
The kind of mistake you are crazy about,
And she made me insane,
I spent at least an hour,
Or two,
Probably twenty four,
Thinking about her on a daily basis,
She was my contagion,
Whatever she said,
I heard,
Whatever she did,
I was concerned,
I was in unchartered grounds,
I was the rabbi in Palestine,
It wasn’t a walk in store anymore,
I was chin deep in love,
A few more years,
I’d be drowning in love,
And for the record,
I can’t swim,
So I was to make it,
Or make it out.

Her name I won’t disclose,
But she gave me all I needed,
Humour, peace of mind,
Need I say love?
Because her love,
How can I put it,
It was overwhelming,
The kind a toy gets from a child,
And I was into it,
Calling her,
Texting her,
Making random trips to see her,
I loved everything about her,
Her sly smile,
Her dark skin,
Short hair,
Slim fingers,
Clear polish,
Innocent jokes,
She was practically it for me,
She made me tick,
I’d do anything for her,
Even her,

But nothing lasts forever,
Not even love,
I opened my eyes,
She found her footing,
I watched as she walked away,
Away from what we’d both loved,
And we both knew that was it,
And I let her go,
No word,
No fight,
No last minute sorting,
I kept mum and she moved on,
I was already on my way out,
But I had the opportunity,
To make it clear,
Make things right,
Let her know we could have been,
But it wasn’t meant to be,
I had to let it go,
Let her be happy,
That’s what loved ones do,
Ensure those they love are happy,
Even if they make you hurt,
Break you inside,
Change your outlook of life,
You do it for them.

So I do it for her,
I love because she loved me back,
She taught me love isn’t two-way,
It’s worth fighting for,
If it doesn’t kill you,
It’s worth fighting for,
And I had my chance,
I could’ve fought,
But I chose to let her go,
Not because I didn’t love her,
Simply because I loved her too much,
I wasn’t willing to watch her break,
Crumble because I was overwhelmed,
I would’ve apologized,
Not because I was wrong,
Simply because I never fought,
Never tried to show her how much I loved her,
How much she meant to me,
But I have learnt,
And next time,
I’ll do it better,
I won’t hold back,
I won’t live my life in fear,
Fear of losing what I love,
I’ll let fate take control and have its way,
This time,
I will make a greater mistake,
I’ll fight for love.


  1. You would do anything for her, even her ;-))
    Lovely piece. waiting to read the sequel of the ‘greatest mistake’

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