The bird that got away

The bird that got away

The little bird,
The pretty little bird,
Daily would perch on my window,
At first,
It was cautious,
Only stopping when I wasn’t near,
Cautious enough to fly away,
But wise enough to make a return,
That was my pretty little bird.

Afternoons, mornings,
Early evenings,
It would stop on my window,
Chirp its tunes,
As I sat there mesmerized,
Taken aback by nature,
What made it come back?
Me? The window?
The song of my pretty little bird.

My window I’d open,
Let it in,
Let it fly around,
Explore my world,
I could see joy in its eyes,
Trust was built,
I was the protector,
Not the predator,
It was just my pretty little bird.

Nature can’t be bound,
Neither can a free spirit,
It discovered a new world,
A world full of life,
Exploration was its vocation,
And with the wind it went,
Out to find its purpose,
I couldn’t tame it,
My pretty little bird left.

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