She Said, He Said

She Said, He Said

I missed you, where have you been all this while?

Is it that you forgot about me or got someone else?

Are you still interested in my thighs?

Or did you find better ones to ogle at?

You shouldn’t be so quiet,

My number still works and you can always holla,

Is what she said.

I missed you too, that I can’t deny,

But you went M.I.A and I am not in the C.I.A,

I still like your thighs, that certainly can’t change,

Thighs will always be there, yours or anothers,

I am never quiet, you just stopped talking to me,

I promise I’ll keep in touch from now on,

Is what he said.

So do you have a girlfriend yet?

Or are you still sleeping around like a tourist?

I heard you slept with Alicia,

How many girls have you slept with?

It’s not that I’m interested in you,

I just want to know,

It’s just small talk, you know?

Is what she said.

I am still a skater; I don’t ride with anybody,

I’m still sleeping around, just not in people,

I’m sure you’ve heard a lot,

Just not sure of what you choose to pay attention to,

I’ve slept with as many girls as you choose to believe,

I know you aren’t interested in me,

I mean, who would be attracted to me?

It’s not small talk I’m just being real, you know?

Is what he said.

So have you ever been interested in me?

You compliment me a lot,

Or do you just want to sleep with me?

You don’t seem like a straight guy,

People already claim I slept with you,

Did you tell them that or they just assumed?

I would really like to know,

Is what she said.

I have interests in many things; you probably may be one of them,

I compliment you because you warrant a compliment,

I do want to sleep with you,

But that doesn’t require me to compliment you,

I am a straight guy; the number of girls I slept with is testament,

People claim I am insane, do you still believe them?

I told them you were high, I am not a necrophile,

I guess I like you then

I think now you know,

Is what he said.

Are you serious or do you just want to get into my pants?

I know your type of guys,

Smooth with the words but hit the door as soon as you hit it,

I have feelings for you but I will not let myself fall for you,

I am not going to let myself get hurt again,

So if you just want to sleep with me, let me know,

We are both grown ups and thus, should be open,

Don’t waste my time if you know you’ll hurt me,

Is what she said.

I am very serious, though I never get into relationships,

You know my type of guys but you don’t know me,

I may be smooth, but I’m rough on the edges,

If I hit the door, it will be you, who chased me out,

Feelings are not a switch that can be put on and off,

I wouldn’t hurt you knowingly,

I want to sleep with but I can also be with you,

I am a grown up,

I have no time to waste, that is my most valuable asset,

Is what he said.

I am still not sure whether you want to be with me or in me,

But I will give it a try,

I won’t expect anything from you though,

I know what you want, so I won’t place my trust in you,

I don’t trust you,

I know you say I should, but you haven’t given me a reason to,

I have opened up for you,

Do you as you please,

But remember you made a promise,

And adults keep their promises,

Is what she said.

I know I want to be within you,

You opened your legs for me; I opened my mind to you,

I have become vulnerable,

But I presume it’s all for a better cause,

I actually want to settle with you,

But there seems to be a minor issue,

If you don’t trust me, what is the essence of our relationship?

I made a promise and I will stand by it,

I however, will not compromise myself,

My dignity comes first,

Then my principles,

Then you can pick whether you want to be with me,

Is what he said.

So? I am not your girlfriend or your wife,

I did not expect such kind of behavior from you,

You made a promise and changed immediately after,

I have nothing to say to you,

Anything you say has no bearing on my mindset,

I took a risk but I was ready for the consequences,

I will make you feel as you made me feel,

I will sleep with your friend,

And communication between us will be cut,

I want nothing to do with you,

You can forget of my existence for all I care,

You are dead to me,

Is what she said.

I never asked for a spouse or a partner,

I was just showing care and concern,

I am a human being, even mountains change over time,

I however, have plenty to say to you,

Whether you choose to believe me or not is irrelevant in the face of truth,

I took a risk and put more than emotions on the line,

I put my values and my time which are my tools of survival,

So I’m not sad,

I’m just surprised and a little bit mad,

You say I’m dead to you?

Well, welcome to your nightmare, because I’m not going anywhere,

Unfortunately, I have neither the time nor energy to hate you,

I will just do to you as I have done to others, let you be

I won’t forget you,

I value my mind and you make up a bit of my memory,

So I will keep you there, as a lesson,

Or rather, as a statistic,

But if a blind man has a vision, who I’m to be blinded by emotions?

I hope for the best for you,

Is what he said.


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  1. Amazing piece though it is sad hoe women actually have lost all faith and can’t really discern what is real and what’s not…..

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