I have scary dreams every night,

Every time I sleep,

I slip into a reverie,

I see things,

Things I never thought possible,

I find myself in a new world,

A world where black is pure,

And so is white,

A world with equity as the main tenet,

A world where justice overrides the law,

A world where respect is more important than status,

A world where little is plenty,

A mentally blind world,

A world where my skin tone,

My hair texture,

The size of my nose,

Or the shape of my body,

Doesn’t cause me pain,

A world that appreciates,

A world where diversity is tolerated,

And individual talents integrated,

To bring the best out of the world,

My nights are no longer the same,

I’m afraid of nightmares.




Last night’s nightmare was the worst,

I dreamt of a world with no wars,

Full of laughter,

Joyful conversations,

Kids playing in open fields,

Neighbours sharing a glass of whiskey on the patio,

Kids going to school and learning,

Going on movie dates.

Without the fear of someone spraying bullets on them,

Or a missile hovering over their heads,

A world where love was not just a word,

A world where life has value,

A world where kinship isn’t determined by blood,

A world where kinship is in sharing the a planet,

A world where kinship is knowing my brother,

My sister,

Is any person that breathes the same air I do,

A world where a black kid can wear what he desires,

Without the fear of being just another fatality,

A world where a Caucasian lady can walk in the hood,

Without having her purse snatched,

I fear sleep,

For I know not what I might see,

I’m afraid of nightmares.




Did I tell you how my dreams started?

I was at church,

The priest mentioned something about visions,

How God could appear to certain people in dreams,

That night as I went to sleep,

I asked for one thing,

To be chosen,

Not to be like the rest,

And I had my first dream,

I dreamt of a world without religion,

A world where doing good was the goal,

There were no rewards,

No retributions,

No promises of riches in heaven,

The only reward was satisfaction,

A sense of joy in doing good,

I saw an Arab call a Jew brother,

Share a meal,

And talk of business ventures,

I saw a children play,

I heard them call each other brother and sister,

I dreamt of a world that was clean,

Free of pedophiles,

Rapists and murderers,

Corruption was unheard of,

It wasn’t the perfect world because death still lurked,

But it was the ideal world,

It scared me,

And now,

I fear sleep,

I stay awake to avoid this world,

A world the people I live with hate,

A world where I overrides we,

But I still dare to dream,

Even if my dream,

Is a nightmare.









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