New year, same old thoughts

New year, same old thoughts

This is a new year and it has to be different. New year, new things, right? I put too much thought into things that may not be of much impact in my life, but at least I think critically. 2013, just like every other year before it, was full of its ups and downs. Will I look at them and use them to make decisions in 2014? Maybe. I believe we all have a purpose in life. And aren’t we all good at something? Look at it in this light. There are people who are good at writing, others reading, others buying the books, others judging the books and others knowing books exist. All these people are good at something, but not all these people are seen as being good at whatever field. I have so much in my mind today so I will just spill whatever I can for whoever cares to read.

In life, we have to have people who mess up things so that that the people who are good at mending them can be seen. I play my role in life diligently. I observe and point out what I’ve seen. There’s so much I’ve seen over the past year that I think needs to be mentioned. This is not a post against anybody so if it touches on you, do the wise thing and blame it on somebody else, your weak friend preferably. I’ll try and be kind so that the next time you see my post you will not throw your PC down the staircase.

Ladies, what’s the deal with wanting real men? I want to know who a real man is. In my world, you are either a man or not. What makes a man? Your worldview and culture will determine that. But when a lady says I’m not a real man because I didn’t hold the door for her, I get incensed. What is so manly about holding a door? Unless the door is falling and you are under it, what obligation do I have to hold the door? You want a real man? Let us dissect how real you are. And I have nothing against ladies, on the contrary, I love ladies, different shades and sizes. You bleach your skin. I know, black is or was beauty so I don’t know what’s real when your complexion isn’t. Make-up to conceal your flaws. Show me your skin and I’ll even open the window for you.

Standards are not just a sin of the feminine being. Their male counterparts suffer from the same disease. Men will take loans, be disloyal and even betray the trust of their loved ones just to be “A real man”. The truth is if someone does not love you for who you are, then they will only love you for being them. I may not be the most knowledgeable being on relationships but I do know a thing, your relationship will only last for as long as your thoughts of each other lasted.

They say God answers all prayers and I believe He does. There is a slight alteration though. God will only answer yes or no. The maybe bit, humans only added to give themselves a reason to hold on. Have you ever thought that maybe when your prayer isn’t answered someone prayed that your prayer shouldn’t be answered? Sometimes we just don’t think enough and jump to unnecessary conclusions. Critical thinking is very important.

Take a case where you are a pilot and the plane experiences mechanical difficulties. There’s only one place to land to save the lives of your passengers and that is on your own parcel of land and your kids are outside playing. What action would you take? Would you land and save the lives of the people you are carrying or would you take the risk and put your immediate family’s lives in danger? This is a simple question at face value but when critically looked at, isn’t as simple as it seems. Who decides what is right and what is wrong? Do you as human being have the ability to decide who lives and who doesn’t?

Many at times we see individuals who have been sentenced to prison for life or to face the hangman for taking another human being’s life. When the judge reads out his sentence, there are two parties. Those that jubilate and those that weep. I don’t think I’m in a position to determine who deserves to face a life sentence and who doesn’t. Most of our laws are built on religious foundations and one of the most important tenets of religion is forgiving. As much as it is one of the most important, I highly doubt it has ever been applied. Look at the bible, scriptures such as Exodus 21:12 and Leviticus 24:17 actually use murder as a means of punishment. In what case does murder become innocent enough to be forgiven and in what circumstances is it unforgivable? Same applies to Sharia laws where a hand is cut for theft. What of people who steal ideas, should a portion of their brains be chopped off in equal measure?

Standards are things we need to pay attention to because they affect us directly and indirectly. Are you comfortable living the way you are living? Most of us follow whatever religion we follow because we were raised in the religion but do you know why you are in it? Just like when you are interested in someone, you will always find a reason to defend them. “She is beautiful on the inside.” “He’s not a jack ass like people say he is.” “You don’t know him like I do!” Can you have the same defence for your religion? For the laws of the land that you are so proud or ashamed of?

Why should a person who was caught stealing bread because of hunger face time in prison? Shouldn’t the person in-charge of policies be imprisoned as well for robbing this individual of an opportunity?  We complain so often of the West being behind our woes but what action have we taken to rectify the wrongs they committed? Will the Queen’s apology raise the amount of money you require to take your son to school? What if your ancestor was a collaborator, would you still want an apology or compensation? What standards do we use to live our lives?

If you were to set the standards by which people would live, how happy would they be? Or if you were given a chance to spread western civilization, would you do it any differently? I certainly have no way of determining whose standards are the most suitable because as much as countries and international organizations have standards, very few of them are in line with ours. I’ve never heard anybody say the Turkana are disgusting because their ladies go topless and are shown on television. So where does it become disgusting? When it’s an African wearing “non-existent” clothes? I will talk of standards till the day I am able to live by my own standards and not those set for me. It’s a matter of choice and I am in the process of making mine.


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