My View

My View

There’s something about a sunset,
Not the idea of the sun setting,
Not the picturesque view either,
The idea that it’ll rise again,
And still intrigue you,
Or the tranquility of still water,
That mirrors you in silence,
It mollifies a troubled soul,
A soul that’s searching for closure,
A lost mind,
That moseys in search of an identity,
A distinct personality,
Not to fit in,
But make people understand,
It’s not the name that makes the man,
It’s the man that makes the name,
Being comfortable in your skin,
Versatile enough to accommodate,
But principled enough to remain steadfast,
Kind enough to know generosity,
But wise enough to avoid gullibility,
There’s more to nature,You only need to give it a thought.

What makes a child lovable?
Their innocence?
I wouldn’t know,
But there’s something about children,
The fact that they speak the truth,
Without malice,
That’s life to me,
A blend of nature and innocence,
Where I can laugh now,
Talk about the future,
And not be judged for my past,
For a child will forgive,
Because they haven’t learnt how to hate,
Have no rage,
Keep no grudge,
Because love is the first emotion we experience,
Even abandoned children smile,
Poor children laugh as much as the rich,
They don’t know how to discriminate,
The person you are was imputed in you,
Nobody’s born a killer,
Just as much as nobody’s born a leader,No child speaks at birth,

They learn from their environment,
We make murderers and leaders.

We love the idea of independence,
But there’s only interdependence,
You can’t live without another,
The hurt builds,
Just as much as love comforts you,
The struggle helps you understand,
Sometimes you need to let go,
Let someone take the lead,
Because we all have someone that completes us,
That person that makes things better,
The multiple of 3 that completes the 6,
Make an effort,
Reach out and live,
There’s life beyond our boundaries,
A life experienced by another,
They say time waits for no man,
But man developed the concept of time,
So manipulate it to get the best out life,
I continually learn,
Make mistakes,Some grave,
Most rectifiable,
And I live for today,
Because tomorrow I’ll live for us.

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