My Pledge

My Pledge

I see trees zoom by,

As I sit on the window seat,

Remembering your smile,

Hearing your laughter echo,

Your voice,

A voice that got me through a lot,

That comforting voice when I wanted to quit,

The moments I’d had enough,

And wanted to let go,

You’d just smile,

Hold my face and tell me all was good,

There was nothing to worry about,

You made me see life differently,

You made life easier,

You stroked more than my ego,

You stroked my flaws,

Stoked them to finesse,

Made me more than a man,

You made me humble,

You showed me with great heights,

Came a greater fall,

But if toddlers learn to walk,

No fall can hold me back,

I always rise to my feet.

They once told me,

You’d rather die in your feet,

Than live on your knees,

But you taught me otherwise,

Taught me life was more important,

And just because you stand for something,

Doesn’t mean you have to die for it,

You can achieve far more alive,

Than you can in death,

So I live for posterity,

Make no promises,

Because I know nothing of tomorrow,


I set goals,

Simply because goals can be adjusted,

Changed when the need arises,

You taught me to love today,

Because the future is based on hope,

Nothing’s certain,

The only sure thing is death,


I don’t know,

Am I prepared?


But with no regrets I don’t mind.

I saw as you cried,

Saw as your tears ran dry,

The roles were reversed,

I was the one smiling,

Telling you everything would turn out right,

Telling you to embrace your fears,

Looked into your eyes,

Held your face as you held mine,

And assured you it was not the end,

I remember saying goodbye,

But I’m almost done with my journey,

I’m coming home,

I’m still the same chap,

A little older maybe,

Just fonder of you,

As I look at the raindrops on the window,

I try to clear them,

But they still fall,

Just like your tears did,

But I’m back,

Here to stay,

You’ll never have to shed a tear for me,

Not today,

Not ever.


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