My Light in Darkness

My Light in Darkness

I shed a tear,
Not because I was in pain,
Neither was it joy,
It was surprise,
A state of despair,
At a point in my life,
A point of celebration,
You were nowhere,
Not even in my thoughts.

I thought you were it,
The start to infinity,
There was no end for us,
But you showed me otherwise,
Opened my eyes to reality,
A bitter truth,
Good guys finish last,
If they persist,
Even if it’s in hindsight,
It’s the thought that counts.

On a Thursday night,
I met her,
The most beautiful smile,
Innocent but deep,
You could see the life,
But death behind her eyes,
She was a glow worm,
Bright in darkness,
But suffered in the light,
She was my light.

What you forgot,
She remembered,
What I couldn’t say,
I told her,
She was here to stay,
I’d found the one,
By the window she watched,
Nights she spent up,
And now,
My life I’ll spend with her.

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