My 3 Little Birds

My 3 Little Birds

I once had a kingfisher,

Beautiful as the clear blue sky,

She would fly high,

And swoop down gracefully,

How I adored my kingfisher,

But she was always hungry,

I couldn’t sustain her,

Fish was in plenty,

But other waters had bounty,

So she flapped her wings,

Left me catching the wind,

My three little birds.

I tamed a raven,

Wild in her ways,

But loyal all the same,

She would perch by my side,

As we watched the sun set,

We went on long walks,

I on the ground,

As she watched over me,

It was a symbiotic relationship,

I for her and she for me,

But the distance grew,

And she flew off,

One of my three little birds.

I came across a humming bird,

Hard to notice,

But easy on the ear,

She kept a low profile,

Brightened my day,

Her voice was music to my ears,

She calmed my spirits,

But she had other ideas,

She wanted to be controlled,

I opted for a free soul,

She made away,

To a place of restrictions,

And I was left lonesome,

With none of my three little birds.

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