Lost at Sea

Lost at Sea


Who I’m I?

I’m I a son to my mother,

Or the son of the son?

Where do I pledge my allegiance?

I’m lost in reality.

Can I switch God for my mother?

Both gave me life,

One gives me hope,

The other holds the rope,

Who I’m I in this world?

I made a bargain,

Put Jesus on my chest,

Instead of wearing him over my vest,

Until I got that text,

That said, “Tomorrow might not be his next.”

Do I give up?

Maybe leave that note,

That’s leaves nothing on a good note,

Or maybe just hit that note,

And make the fat girl sing.

I’m struggling innately,

Torn between tearing things up,

Or simply tearing up,

I live for today,

Maybe tomorrow will be a better dawn.

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