Life is a Reality

Life is a Reality

They talk of doing wrong,

Being in the right,

But who sets the standards?

Who decides what’s good?

And what’s bad?

If killing is bad,

Then is killing in self-defense wrong?

Or killing as retribution?

I don’t know what to believe,

And what not to,

Because what I feel is right,

Isn’t what the policy makers approve,

And if I stay true to myself,

Then I’m deemed problematic,

They say I’m out of line,

And I should tow the line,

Or face the music,

Yet I’m told to assert myself in the world,

Make myself visible,

But only on one condition,

Use their rules and guidelines,

In essence,

Propagate their ideologies,

In a different face,

But I know the truth.



I’m told the devil is bad,

To always be wary,

Shun and rebuke him,

Turn him away at any opportunity,

Make him know he has no space in my life,

But who is the devil?

Is he a spirit?

A myth?

Or simply the next person?

I see murders on the telly,

Rape cases,


Fraud and manipulation,

The devil came to steal,

Kill and destroy,

But who does the killing?

Who carries out the robberies?

Who burns down people’s houses?

I’ve witnessed a murder,

A man committed it,

I’ve been jumped and robbed,

And I can swear this,

On all things Mahatma Gandhi,

It wasn’t the devil,

So who should I shun?

My neighbour?

The brother I’m supposed to love?

The sister I’m to date?

Who should I turn away?



I’m not here to cause a stir,

That’s far from the truth,

The truth,

Well the truth is I’m confused,

Religion taught me one thing,

But reality shows me otherwise,

In essence it should be realigion,

Because if it isn’t real,

Then of what significance is it to my life?

I’d want to be the model believer,

Stand by the values I’ve been taught,

But I don’t think even my teachers believe what they taught me,

Because they don’t do as they say,

I hear of religious leaders molesting boys,

Bedding people’s wives,

Making a killing out of offerings,

Living lavishly,

And enjoying worldly pleasures,

With the hope of the poor getting theirs in heaven,

But I’m out to live,

Make the best out of the few years I have on earth,

I’ll drink and make Mary make merry noises,

I’ll talk to every girl,

Because I won’t live in fear,

Prejudice or hate,

When we have angels among us,

Just as we have demons,

I will treat them as the occasion dictates,

Life is for living,

Not leaving unhappy.









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