Letter to You

Letter to You

Dear Blue Eyes, 
It took me a minute to think of whether to write you a letter or write you a letter and let you know exactly how I feel. I can bet my right to speech that I wouldn’t be the first person to tell you that you’re beautiful. You’ll have to pardon my redundant nature but, you’re beautiful.
I’d say it’s your smile but that’s just not it. It could be your caramel complexion but millions of other Africans and Afro people have similar skin tones so it definitely can’t be that. Your chiseled body maybe? The way you calculate your steps, one after the other? The grace of a swan. 
Maybe it was your lips, I’d stare every time you’d run your tongue over them. I don’t mean to be crude but that had a reaction on my crotch rather than intellectual or emotional being. I can’t remember what shade of lipstick you had on so it had to be something else.
I’m probably breaking a trail of hearts just by taking time to write this but what’s a thousand tears to one smile? Many questions should be asked, will you read this? Will it have any impact on what you’re going to say or not? But my concern at the moment is will it get to you? If it does, will you remember me?
I’m pouring my emotions on paper and that takes courage. So as you read on remember even silence speaks volumes. I can’t express my emotions like the next guy or your last one but what I know is you won’t forget. You won’t forget that I brought out a little of you that you didn’t know existed. I live for the moment and this is my moment. My moment to make you feel like a queen.
I won’t promise you the world but I can assure you of my world. A world of understanding and trouble. A world of love and momentary dislike. A promise is recipe for heartbreak so I won’t promise you anything but you’ll have something stronger than a promise. You’ll have my loyalty. 
Just like any person who values another, I’ll have my moments. I’ll get angry. I’ll make mistakes but I’ll also take responsibility for anything I do. So take this as me telling you I’m not anything close to perfect but I make perfect moments.

Yours Truthfully,


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