In the name of good

In the name of good

Do we do good because it is good to do good or because it is right to do good? I have an active mind and constantly engage myself in intrapersonal arguments just to get to the bottom of most issues. People will say it is right to do good. But who decides what is right and what is wrong? Right and wrong, are relative unlike truth. So how is the measure for what is right and the amount of good it deserves set? Do we have a calibration on the right side of a goodometre to show what one deserves? This is where the issue of religion and spirituality comes in. What is religion and what is spirituality? In my simple definition, religion is for people who do good because here are rewards whereas spirituality, is for people who do good because it is good.

Why do I say this? Well, simple. Religion offers its followers promises of things to come. Most people will do good because they know God will increase whatever they have or they will have plenty in heaven. If there was no form of reward for your actions, would you still stop in the middle of the street and hand the fifty shilling note to the leper? Answer yourself, I need not your response. I know many Christians that will read this will probably call me an atheist or an agnostic but I would prefer the term inquisitive. Throughout the education system in C.R.E, we have been taught of African Traditional Religion or simply A.T.R. But what is a traditional religion? Is the Jewish religion traditional? It certainly existed even before Christianity was started. Is Christianity traditional because it started prior to most of the world’s currently known conquests?

All religions glorify an individual who has walked on this earth like all other men. Jesus lived among men and wanted to be taken just as that, a man. Muhammad also was a human being. So why is it traditional when Africans, use a tree a mountain or a prophet as a symbol of their (G)god? At least we know that their prophets did not move around in chariots like our modern day religious leaders, who only drive imported vehicles and live in palatial homes. You can quote the bible or any religious book as many times as you please on phrases that support the clergy making money from their congregation but that still does not justify it. What good is a pastor doing when he uses over Ksh. 20,000 a month in fuel and there is an individual in the congregation who does not know where his next meal is coming from. A pastor living in a suburbs when 87% of his congregation are in the lower class? Quote from Karl Marx is: “Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people”. These words have never been clearer. Religion is making people sell their businesses because if they do good to the pastor, they will be blessed. I say this is a pure mockery of the intelligence of the society.

I stand for spirituality. Where one does good because they get self-satisfaction from those actions. If you feel satisfied in doing good or do not expect a reward for your actions, then you my brother or sister, are doing good.  Do good because you know there is good in all actions that are good. Rewards are always going to be there but unlike satisfaction, they are determined by another individual who sets their own standards as to what each act warrants in terms of rewards. I know I may have stepped on a toe or two but what is that compared to living under notions that you have paid no attention to. As it has become custom, the mirror is your friend, look into it.






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