I miss you

I miss you

I miss you,

I don’t know where to start,

But I guess I already did,

It’s been a while,

If there was such a phrase,

I’d say it’s been too whiles,

It’s taken me a minute to figure out exactly what write,

A literal minute,

Like 1.2 heartbeats per second,

I don’t know whether you feel the same way,

A longing,

A deep longing for someone,

Made specifically for you,

Someone like me,

Someone you’d just want your arms to hold,

I’d like to admit it,

I did made a mistake,

I was not bold enough,

I left in a huff,

That was not cool,

That was so cold,

I just want you to know that I miss you.

I’m glad you miss me,

It’s always a great feeling,

Knowing someone, somewhere, cares for you

I can’t say I feel the same way,

I simply can’t forget the day you went away,

You left a massive void,

It had to be filled,

Whether it was by bottles,

To the piling butts on my ash tray,

Or the splitting butts when I’m on the prey,

My heart longs,

For life,

Not to create one,

But to take it,

And do so without any regret,

And not just to take it,

To put it to shame,

Make sure things will never be the same,

I don’t hate you,

But certain as a period,

I’m sure I don’t miss you.

I know my apologies won’t suffice,

And sorry won’t atone for your sacrifice,

But I’m sure there is no joy in wishing my demise,

Man is to err,

I’m certain you’ve had your fair share,

I won’t justify my mistakes,

I’m just stating we had different stakes,

I always wanted to see you,

Be around you every now and then,

But you never had the urge,

Whatever I said you took it straight,

I felt like you thought I was rigid,

From my decisions I couldn’t barge,

Every time I said I was busy,

You always said it was cool,

It’s like you didn’t care,

If you had the chance you’d drown me in a pool,

And honestly,

That really hurt,

If you’d show a little more concern,

I guess things would’ve been different,

But either way,

I know I still miss you.

I have nothing to forgive,

Just plenty share,

I do not wish you demise,

That I would never do,

In essence that would be my principle I compromise,

I’m not a perfect human being,

On the contrary I mess up a lot,

I wouldn’t be one to judge,

But that doesn’t mean I can’t see,

I appreciate your concern,

Wanting to be around me is great,

Your brilliance I’d love to see,

But you mention my lack of apprehension,

To which I’d like to disagree,

Whenever I called you,

Was that not a concern?

Whenever I asked when you were free,

Was that not a concern?

Whenever I’d ask how your day was,

Was that not a form of concern?

Or what did you expect?

A battalion to get you out of your house?

For me to go on my knees?

Include seeing you in my prayer item?

Or maybe simply,

Fasting or going to Jerusalem,

I’m just thinking out loud,

But I’m certain I don’t miss you.


I guess I really hurt you,

That wasn’t my intention and never will it be,

I’m focussed on the future,

Getting things back on track,

You and I,

You may be part of that future,

That is if you choose to look past the past,

And focus on us,

See the potential that is in store for us,

But only if you choose to move on,

You want to take a life?

Take the animosity from inside you,

I have already made my choice,

I’m apologizing for my actions,

Love just doesn’t fade away,

As much time as it takes to grow,

It takes to wither,

I cry from within,

That our love may not die,

Especially not like this,

Over words and not our faces,

But what I know and feel,

Is that,

I miss you.

It doesn’t have to end,

I just don’t feel the same way I used to,

I know they say you can’t eat your cake and have it,

I don’t plan on doing that,

I’d rather eat what I can and can what I can’t,

That’s why I’m not biting off more than I can chew,

I’ll start with baby steps,

You used to call be baby,


I’m a firm believer in people getting their dues,

And as it stands,

A piece of my mind is your due,

I have enough problems,

From false advertising on instagram,

To Muhammad Ali’s on twitter,

To have time to hate you,

I believe even bridges take time to rebuild,

However much effort it takes I’ll try,

But I can’t offer any assurances,

I appreciate your concern,

It doesn’t change much,

But at least you care,

I may not feel the same way,

Not by a long shot,

Though it’s nice to hear the words,

“I miss you”.


      1. With a few shots, u will overcome the stage fright.. there used to be poetry nights on Tuesdays at club sound don’t know whether that stopped,but will ask for you..
        and nothing much entails it,its like a karoeke night.. just register for the night you want to perform then when your time comes up,panda the stage and do your thing 🙂

      2. ha ha ha… Ted,mwanaume ni kujiamini.. I will ask around and will let you know of any,and will def be there to support you and psyche u up 🙂

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