I can’t have it all

I can’t have it all

There’s a time for everything,

A time to fight,

A time to hold on,

A time to give it some time,

And definitely,

A time to give up,

Not because you can’t go on,

Simply because they can’t keep up,

What’s the point of going on?

Pushing for a non-existent fantasy,

If you make it alone,

Not able to share the moment,

Not able to live in the moment,

Because it only lasted a moment,

I guess I’ve had enough.

It all seems like yesterday,

When you were in my arms,

Laughing at my corny jokes,

Wearing nothing but my jumper,

Your scent on my shirt,

The hood covering your long hair,

Your flawless legs over my lap,

Your head on my shoulder,

My palm over your thigh,

I wish that moment could last,

Just to see you smile,

Hear your laugh,

See you mad,

Then make you happy,

Just one last time,

But I guess you had enough.

I presume things change,

When you tie my past,

And add your future,

You’re bound to get tired,

But I’m not the same,

And neither are you,

I chose to adapt,

You chose to adopt,

A new lifestyle,

Forgot what we saw,

Blocked out what we were to see,

That’s life they say,

You win some,

You lose some,

It’s not always that we both cum,

You can’t have it all.

I’d spend sleepless nights,

Have trouble eating,

Get lost in my thoughts,

Lock myself up,

Just to be alone,

But that’s not who I am,

I love life,


Life loves me back,

I couldn’t assure you of the future,

I lived for today,

You’d settled for tomorrow,

I didn’t want to let go,

But I’m not sure,

I was holding on in the first place,

But let’s pretend I was,

I let go of the best thing I had,

So I guess it’s true,

I can’t have everything.

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