Good Girls Forget

Good Girls Forget

I kissed her,

She kissed me back,

I made the money,

She called me honey,

We laughed,

We loved,

I made,

We spent,

What else could I ask for?

But good girls forget.

We went on dates,

I fed her cakes,

And she let me touch her cakes,

We loved the sandy beaches,

Walked with nothing under our feet,

Lay bare in the bare night,

With nothing but will,

Will to do what was right,

Live what was left of our lives right,

But good girls forget.

Did I say good girls forget?


They do,

Along came Sean,

Big car and a house in the hills,

She went for the heels,

She ended up with the pills,

All for life thrills,

But good girls forget.

She loved the lights,

Looked really nice in tights,

But wasn’t used to the fights,

If only the designer shades blocked the bright light,

And not the blacked eye,

Then that would be the right style,

She didn’t know how good she had it,

But now she’d had it,

And couldn’t get it back,

Since good girls forget.

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