Girl Like Her

Girl Like Her


He that giveth receiveth,

So I gave,

Gave her all I could,

And she reciprocated,

Gave me her heart,

The whole of it,

It interested me,

So I showed interest,

Grasped the moment,

Made her my own.

I prodded,

And prodded,

Her heart took it,

She’d smile,

Just to cover the pain,

And I’d prod some more,

Just to see her limit,

She was a soldier,

She never caved,

I had her to myself.

Even diamond has a breaking point,

She couldn’t take it any more,

Needed her heart back,

But I no longer had it,

I’d worn it out,

And now she was cold,

Turned on all,

Because of one,

I couldn’t undo my actions

I’d taken a good girl,

And left her for dead.

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