Freedom is a state mind

Freedom is a state mind

My mother told me I was slave,
I looked at her and laughed,
She laughed back,
I was only ten,
A slave was in shackles,
Bound by a master,
With no freedom,
I only had parents,
I wasn’t in captivity,
Unless I was at school,
Under my headmaster’s watch,
I understood the term head,
But master?
What was I?
A slave?
A subject?
Away from school I was free,
Not under anyone’s law,
Other than nature,
How silly of me,
I forget television,
I always watched Famous Five,
Missing an episode was unimaginable,
It built my grammar,
But had my mind.

I grew up,
Music became a fad,
I changed my style,
Changed my lingo,
And found similar friends,
People that understood me,
Or simply,
Had the same mindset,
Spoke the same language,
And worshipped the same god,
However, this was just a phase,
I became dexterous,
No longer under the artist,
A creator in my own right,
I made new friends,
They taught me about life,
I showed them how to live it,
We became one,
Where one was,
The rest were aware,
We were a clique.

I had come of age,
Had to leave mama’s den,
Be my own man,
I got a job,
Ready to be an adult,
Do as I pleased,
I worked for hours on end,
Even without work,
My master,
Forgive my language,
My boss,
Wanted to see me,
What was more significant?
My face?
My work,
Where I did it?
I wasn’t sure,
I just did what master wanted,
Anything other than that,
My head was on the line.

I quit my job,
Did what I loved,
I wrote at will,
Whenever inspiration came,
I captured the moment,
Once it didn’t come,
I was frustrated,
I couldn’t write,
What would I do with my life?
Was there a reason for living?
My wife and kids,
I loved them,
They needed the best,
I would go to hell and back,
To get the inspiration to make them happy,
I would walk out at 2am,
Listen to music as I wrote,
And write I would,
I was back to where my mother was,
A ten year old son,
A family,
People you’d give your life for,
And I looked at my son,
His smile ever so bright,
And told him,
Slavery is real.
Freedom is a state of mind.

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