Embrace your Evil

Embrace your Evil

I looked into my soul,
My vision was blurred,
I couldn’t make out a thing,
It was either too dark,
Or I was turning blind,
I heard a voice,
An old fickle voice,
The voice guided me through the darkness,
I could feel hands on my ankles,
Cold breathes on my skin,
Droplets on my shoulder,
But the voice was reassuring,
I didn’t need my eyes,
Until I got to see a light,
I picked my pace,
As I sought my way out,
The grasps became brusque,
Their grips tighter,
The breathes sub-zero cold,
I could feel my fingers numb,
The droplets had turned,
Not in state,
But volume.

With every step I made,
Breathes became heavier,
My feet were immobile,
The old voice grew fainter,
All I could hear was a whisper,
Calm had turned to fear,
Fear to fright,
I could see salvation,
Or at least what I thought was salvation,
I tried my best to shout,
Let out a scream,
Ask for help,
But I got none,
My once loud voice,
The deep voice I once took pride in,
Had deserted me,
Left me at my hour of need,
My courage pulled a Houdini,
Disappeared long before I summoned it,
I was on my knees,
All hope was lost,
I crawled,
And let out out a sigh,
A sigh of despair,
I was losing a battle,
My own battle.

I wanted to call for help,
Call out to anyone,
My mother,
My sisters,
My girlfriend,
My friends,
But this was beyond them,
My father included,
At one point,
I almost drowned in my tears,
I got resigned to the situation,
I let go,
I stopped struggling,
I lay on the ground,
I felt a clutch on my throat,
But I didn’t fight it,
It squeezed,
But still,
No struggle,
It eased off,
Another set of hands helped me to my feet,
The scent of blood was everywhere,
I saw the light,
And turned my back to it,
I embraced my darkness,
We became one,
The once murderous hands,
Became a source of security,
And guided me back,
To my new home,
I found comfort in my evil,
I chose the dark side.


    1. Embrace it baby girl. I’ve come to learn you’ll never be perfect for anyone. So the best you can do is be the best at what makes you comfortable and for me, the darkness does it just fine. Glad I could help

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