Conservative Liberal

Conservative Liberal

I met a girl last evening,

She wasn’t a diva,

Or the instagram model,

Just a simple girl,

Warm brown skin tone,

Hazel eyes,

Short kink hair,

Bleached flour teeth,

Gap in her front teeth,

Slight smile,

Leaving the rest to imagination,

Thin lips,

Just thick enough for her tongue to glance over,

Tiny nose,

Her neck not so long,

No creases,

Or veins shouting,

Just flawless skin,

An ample chest,

A V-neck top,

Tempting enough to show the valley,

But conservative enough,

To let you know there was plenty more,

She reminded me of a conservative liberal.   



Her dress held on just tight enough,

Hips evenly distributed,

Her posterior,


Made me smile,

The transition between her thighs and legs,


No mark,

Not even a crease on the knee,

I couldn’t contain my excitement,

I adjusted my smile,

My shirt and pants,

I had to maintain my calm,

Just be still enough,

And let her walk past me,

Could this be what I had been avoiding all along?

Was what I was running from chasing after me?

It couldn’t be,

I kept mum as she approached,

My heart racing to my feet,

But I remained rooted,

Struck by simple beauty,

Not even a word would escape my tight lips,

For the first time in my life,

I’d been hit by my own,

A conservative liberal.



Just as she was about to walk by me,

I lifted my eyes and stared straight into hers,

Before I could say,

You have beautiful eyes,

She stretched out her hand,

For a short moment,

I took myself to heaven,

Inducted myself,

And evicted myself,

For a simple reason,

I had met her,

I had a reason to be there,

And her here,

My first words to her?


I couldn’t get my words right,

She somehow jumbled them,

But with her smile,

I got a sense of calm,

And finally the words came out,

I’m hungry,

In my head I cussed,

Stabbed myself,

And slit my throat before burning my head,

I couldn’t afford to mess this,

But I already had with my hunger,

Goodbye conservative liberal.



She let out a giggle,

And said,

Me too.

How did you know?

I couldn’t believe it,

Hunger had saved the world,

I am part of the world,

 And hunger had saved me,

I convinced her to try my favourite restaurant,

She loved the food,

At least that’s what I got through the meal,

I talked about sports,

She talked about Syria,

I mentioned Isis,

She reminded me of all I avoided,

The previous girl was a crisis,

And all this while,

She never looked at her phone,

And neither did I,

Just the occasional glance at her chest,

She was everything I read of,

In my yet to be released book,

Party girl that didn’t necessarily have to party,


But not full of herself,

She’d rather be full of me,

And nothing would make me happier,

Thank to be one,

With my liberal conservative.







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