Jane, simple and innocent was introduced to Jim,

At first Jim was everything she hated in life,

A drunk, non-committed, Casanova of a man,

Jim was the epitome of sin and Jane a saint,

Pure, honest and beautiful,

At first it started out as a friendship,

A platonic relationship with no form of intimacy

Jane was the perfect Christian, believed in monogamy,

Jim the perfect child, believed in the spirit of sharing,

Jane noticed Jim had a quality she wanted in a partner,

He took risks and never took time to regret his actions,

He was also easy with the vocabulary and charming,

With time she made it clear that had she had feelings for him

Jim did what was natural and reciprocated the thought,

A form of romance brew between the two,

This was turning out to be what Jane had always wanted,

To be shown love and treated like a queen,

But Jim was not on the same page,

Jim was a proponent of status quo,

He started to realize a change in Jane’s tendencies,

She tried too hard to make it in a world that was new to her,

And Jim,

He tried too hard not to make it in a world he was used to,

Jane was the modern day Monalisa,

Simple in her looks but caught the attention of many,

What was to be a blossoming relationship was turning out sour,

Jim wanted his life back; Jane wanted a new life,

This could not work out and Jane gave up,

The life Jane knew was no longer there,

There were new frontiers and new challenges,

Things she never thought she would have to battle in her life,

Jane walked into a den she had not been to,

She got pregnant and the father to be bailed out,

She had to make a choice, keep it or leave it,

She left it

Jane made a choice and she had to live with it



Mary was the opposite of Jane, adventurous and bold,

She would go for what she wanted, when she wanted,

She met Paul, a sucker for love,

They grew together in friendship,

This matured to romance and they loved every bit of it,

Paul was at a cross-road,

He met Danielle, the lustful version of Mary,

She showered him with intimacy he could not resist,

Mary was turning out to be nothing like he had envisaged,

She was a sucker for love just like he was,

She was putting on a brave face to get him,

Paul chose Danielle over Mary,

Mary met Jack, a young successful man,

It started out like they all do,

A simple hello and goodbye,

It grew to daily communication and weekly meets,

Mary and Jack were both hurt from their previous relationships,

They found peace and comfort in each other arms,

The terms of their relationship were not properly laid out,

They got intimate and forgot about love,

Mary started to get attached to Jack,

Jack on the other hand,

Had feelings for Christine,

While he showered Mary with intimacy,

He pampered Christine with love,

Mary came home one day and found shoes outside,

She walked in and clothes were on the floor,

She walked into the room and Christine was in her bed,

Her lean body pressed against Jack’s,

She picked up her belongings and walked out of the door,

She made a choice and she had to live with it


There are very few things individual human beings have control over,

The ability to make a choice is one of them,

They can be good or bad,

Right or wrong,

The joy of making a choice lies in standing by the decision,

There is a power in the mention of I,

Assigning blame only paints a picture of irresponsibility,

We have to be responsible for our choices,

It is all about timing and precision,

A choice can never be perfect for all parties,

You just have to learn how to live with them,

I have,

And that is the choice I made and live with.



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