Alone in a World of Humans

Alone in a World of Humans
Why do I have to be alone in a world full of humans?

Why do I have to be alone in a world full of humans?

I looked back,

There was no one,

But my misery,

My pain,

My joy,

And I,

I increased my pace,

Running away from my past,

Not sure of my future,

But I knew I was alone.

What happened in that short while?

Did everyone die?

Or was I in a bad dream?

I either had no friends,

Or my friends had forgotten about me,

Where did I go wrong?

I had it all planned out,

But everything went black,

And a bright light flashed,

I was all alone.

I used to smile,

Laugh out loud,

And talk about my life,

But I was only 14,

Now I send emojis,

I forgot how to talk,

I just write out my feelings,

But I’m only 24,

Why do I have to leave so young?

I guess that’s why I’m alone.

I’ve adapted to technology,

But at what cost?

To lose my sociability?

Become a robot,

And forget how to love,

Show emotion,

Be a hero on a keyboard,

But have no leadership,

I choose to stand up and leave my house,

I don’t want to be alone.

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