A New Dawn

A New Dawn

I feel lost in this world,

I feel like a novice,

Would I move to another world?

Without a doubt,

Why not?

What’s there to lose?


My family?



Well, we lose all that eventually,

So why not move now?

Move to another dimension,

Start s fresh,

Where nobody knows you,

And you know nobody,

Other than your body,

A rebirth of sorts,

With all your regrets,

All your guilt,

The great memories,

The people you knew,


All of it,

Create a new identity,

A new dawn for you.



What kind of person I’m I?

Leave all the great memories?

My family,


Leave everything I lived for, and swore to defend,

Leave a life I so much claim to enjoy,

A life I’m toiling to build,

Risking relationships,

Getting demeaned,

Just leave it all,

And for what?

A new life?

With new people?



I’d do that today, tomorrow,

Or the day after,

Because where does pain come from?

What would hurt more?

Finding a stranger with your wife,

Or you brother?

Because what gives you the most joy,

Brings you to your knees,

So wouldn’t I be doing people a favour?

Avoiding hurting people,

As much as I don’t want to be hurt,

I’ll therefore, be averting a disaster,

And saving you from agony,

In essence what I’ll be doing is creating,

A new dawn for you.



Sometimes I just feel like I’m throwing my life away,

Not getting the best out of my life,

Not because I don’t try,

I always put in everything I have,

But what about my environment?

What of the people around me?

I’m I to always take responsibility for their shortcomings?

Cover their bases when I know I did right?

Well, I do

And I won’t stop,

I still ask myself,

What’s the use of wealth if I have to be cautious all the time?

Of what use is it?

Don’t you just want to be happy,

Without a care in the world,

Where people don’t love you,

For what you have,

Or people are after you,

To get to your position,

But I don’t want that,

I want peace,

Just to walk freely,

Knowing there’s not much to lose,

Other than my dignity,

Which I have full control over,

I just want to start over,

A new me,

A new outlook,

Basically, all I want is,

A new dawn.






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