She told me she liked me,

Wanted to spend her life with me,

Wake up next to me,

Walk with me,

Eat with me,

Drink with me,

Sleep next to me,

Shower me with love,

She just wanted me to touch her.

I told her I wanted her,

Wanted to do things to her,

Things she’d never thought of,

Let alone heard of,

Things that would make her shiver,

Before I even got to her beaver,

I was always going to stay,

I was never going to leave her,

I wanted to touch her where no one had.

I told her I’d take her for a movie,

Take the seat right at the front of the theatre,

Get her soda,

But give her no straw,

Get her popcorn,

But leave the corn,

And pop her cherry,

She wouldn’t have to do a thing,

I just needed to touch her.

I told her I’d touch her neck,

Not in a fatherly or friendly way,

I’d stroke it with my fingers,

Slow, soft touches,

Whisper into her ear,

Tell her how much I want her,

Tell her how much she means to me,

Tell her how her voice arouses thoughts in me,

Thoughts of how I want to touch her.

My hands would move,

Move from her neck to her back,

Light firm touches,

Place my lips on her neck,

Softly bite her neck,

All the while my hands running across her back,

Nibble on her neck as I unclip her bra,

Run my finger around her lovely chest,

Make sure the tip is rigid from my touch.

Slip my hand into her pants,

Peel her panties to the side,

Manoeuvre through her inner thigh,

Run my finger across the slit,

Get to the pleasure point,

Gently rub it,

Increase my tempo,

Let her moan in my mouth till she climaxes,

She only wanted me to touch her.



­­­­­­­They love me,

They hate me,

They even try to break me,

But never try make me,

You want to take me?

Then have me,

Everything is about me,

Is there anything more to life?

Than love for oneself?

Does that make me narcissistic?

Or I’m I simply an addict,

An addict to my being,

My being being my wellbeing,

My wellbeing is my priority,

My priority is my comfort,

And to be comfortable,

I have to love me.


They want you to look good,

Look like a star,

But what is the irony,

In losing money to look rich,

I’m prostituting my hard work,

Prostituting it for success,

And success is relative,

Relative but not related,

Related to any two individuals,

Individuals are not identical,

And I love my identity,

Love the person I am,

The person I was,

And the person I am becoming,

You call it vanity,

I call it self-appreciation,

It’s love for myself.


I push myself,

Not to satisfy myself,

But to what I know not,

The alter-ego that wants freedom,

Freedom from routine,

Freedom from accepting it was,

And therefore,

Has to be,

Because it doesn’t,

Nothing cast on stone is permanent,

For even the Ten Commandments,

Were broken by man,

And I am a truant,

I follow no definite path,

My path is the correct path,

Whether I’m alone,

Or with a single body,

I follow my dream,

A dream that is for me,

By me,

About me,

And I love the script.


I’m not an angry child,

Neither I’m a happy adult,

I am simply an adventurous mind,

I wander off and get lost,

Get lost in my own twisted thoughts,

Thoughts I can’t put to words,

Thoughts so dark,

I think I have to rethink,

The thought of having that thought,

That made me think of the thought,

Gratification is what is sought,

Sought by man,

Sought by woman,

But never lasts long enough,

Long enough not to want more,

But there is gratification in love,

Love for oneself,

Because if you love you,

Then you are happy in you,

And that is what I am after,

To be happy as me,

With me as my ambition,

For I am the greatest,

You may be of a differing opinion,

But maybe it’s because you love you,

Love you more than you love me,

At the end of the day,

Love for me is the bottom line.







Thank You

No man is an island,

I’m part of the mainland,

Part of the world,

An independent being,

But not independent of the world,

Not free from your support,

Not free from your criticism,

Not free of your love,

Bound to those I interact with,

Both in the past and present,

There is no me,

If there’s no you,

I can’t be the best,

If there’s no runner-up,

Can’t be the worst,

When there’s no perfection,

I simply want to thank you.



You’ve taught me love,

Shown me hate,

Been loyal,

Broke all your promises,

Been honest,

Lied to the comma,

But you’ve been there regardless,

Whether it was through the good,

Or missing at my worst,

You are a part of my life,

As much I want to be with you now,

And commit a murder the next,

Where I want you is where you are,


Not next to me,

Not next to my kin,

But just next,

Because you may be the one,

In a few hours you may be ex from a text,

All in all, I thank you.



I ask for forgiveness,

For I know I’m about to do wrong,

I may just throw what we’ve built,

Not because I’m an animal,

Simply because I’m human,

And momma told me,

Never to lose my life for a lost cause,

So I’m not throwing my life away,

I thank you for your effort,

But there’s more to life,

I’m not just a piece of work,

I’m a work of art,

Skilfully crafted to perfection,

So your effort is great,

But I search for perfection,

What lacks between us is affection,

That sense of connection,

But I said I’d grown,

And I’m taking everything in stride,

No more lies,

No more excuses,

Our time is up,

All I want you to know is,

I thank you.



But no matter where I go,

I can’t get you off my mind,

The cold nights,

The see-through tights,

The grasp that was tight,

It’s all in my head,

And as much as I’d want to forget you,

You just don’t delete memories,

Good or bad,

Romantic or erotic,

You evoke deep thoughts within me,

Like the depths I’d go for you,

Verbally or physically,

Literally or literary,

Babying these thoughts,

Have them in my nursery,

I said it was only a matter of time,

But it’s led me to a quagmire with my females,

But there are differences,

Because I miss you already,

And when they explain it will be,

He said, she said,

But we all know I am grateful,

Thank you.