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Real Heroes Don’t Wear Capes

Remember as a kid how anxious and restless you were when your parents told you they were going to take you somewhere? The previous night would be a battle between you sleep and you’d always come up on top. Up earlier than usual. Brushing your teeth wasn’t a cold war with your mum and your favourite bag was waiting for you by the door. There was usually nothing out of the ordinary but the excitement was always present despite the number of times you had visited the said location.

It’s been a while since I last had such an experience. I went to boarding school very early and the only days I looked forward to were closing days and mid-terms. As an adult, I look forward to the end of every month for obvious reasons. Last week, I had the chance to go to a restaurant I’ve been to before but hadn’t really indulged in appropriately. On Friday afternoon, my colleague and I had lunch at Snack Attack, Adams Arcade.

For the past month, the restaurant has been communicating its signature wrap, the Wrappa and I had to go and see what the fuss was all about. I know they have what are probably the best loaded fries in Kenya. Not just because of the variety in sauces but the quality of chips as well. They aren’t those lumpy potato chunks most restaurants serve. On the way to the restaurant, my colleague was talking to me about something but all I could see and hear was “Wrap this and wrap that.”

We made our way to the restaurant and this lovely lady, by the name Faith was at hand to serve us. I was very anxious about the wrap but from the moment she handed us the menus and took our orders my expectations were higher. She was very polite and knew the products. At this point even if they told me they’d run out of filling for my wrap I’d come back just for the service. Delivery time was set at 10 minutes and those were probably the longest 10 minutes of my life after watching Arsenal win it late against Leceister City.

I’d picked the Wrappa and a strawberry burst. Let me tell you about the burst. One, because it was the first to arrive and two, it is made using strawberries. Real strawberries, not strawberry concentrate, the fruits. I took my first sip and my brain froze. This was too much for my mind, tongue and throat to take in all at once. My tongue was shouting more, my throat chilling in the cooling effect and my mind trying to convince the rest of my body that good things do exist.

Moments later my Wrappa arrived. You’ve probably watched Lion King and remember the defining moment where Rafiki literally unveiled Simba to the cheering fans, prey and competitors alike. When Faith laid the tray with my Wrappa on the table I could hear the Lion King theme song playing in the background and a light from the ceiling shone on the wrap. It was definitely the chosen one.

As I unwrapped the wrap from its packaging I couldn’t hold back my tears. This was beauty and perfection made in the kitchen. I had ordered a spicy wrap and from experience, very few restaurants understand the term spicy. Some translate hot to scorch my taste palate while others translate hot to heat. I was secretly praying the wrap wouldn’t be spicy so that I could find something to hate on about Snack Attack.

My first bite was heavenly. The chicken and jalapenos blended so well, they could do a remake of boys in the hood and win an Oscar. I don’t know what spices or flavours they put in the wrap but they got me at the first bite. This was love at first bite. Sad I didn’t have my ring because I had found the snack of my dreams. I literally wanted to spend the rest of my meals with the Wrappa. Upon confirmation that my taste buds weren’t playing tricks on me, I wanted to take photographic evidence of that meal. I do not violate food with unwarranted photographs but trust me, when a celebrity woos you, you don’t mind posing for a photo with them.

Due to the excitement of feasting on this gem, I couldn’t hold my phone properly. Said gladly offered to take a photo of my colleague and I enjoying our flavour attack. I did mention the fact the service at the restaurant was outstanding, didn’t I? I can’t write exactly what I felt throughout the rest of my meal because I transcended into a food appreciation portal where taste is just one of the parameters used to judge food.

I didn’t enjoy my meal. I greatly enjoyed my meal. If I knew the spices used in preparing the wrap I’d break down how each taste affected my palate, but is that really what’s important? What’s on the inside? After the meal both Faith and Said asked for our opinions of the meal and I had nothing but positive reviews. It was all plus signs for me.

I barely fill those feedback forms restaurants dish out but this time I asked for one. Do you know the kind of courage it takes to ask for a feedback form when you have no complaints? That’s courage that can change generations and that meal gave me that courage. I even gave out my number and email address. Now you know how serious this is.

Would I go back to Snack Attack? Today? Yes! Tomorrow? Yes! Every other day that ends in day, Yes! The food was great but the service and warmth of the staff won me over completely. This is a brand that understands, people come to your restaurant for more than just the food. The service, ambience and all that good stuff plays a very important role in attracting and retaining customers.

I’m not a food blogger if you can tell by my description of the food but I’ll write about any experience I feel someone else should go through and this is one of the few experiences you shouldn’t miss out on. I’m an African writer so I have to shout out Faith and Said for the exemplary service. The two of you were my heroes last week.




It’s time to make resolutions

Do what you need. Image source: nwn.blogs.com
Do what you need.
Image source: nwn.blogs.com

It’s about that time of the year again when you make resolutions and promise to stop drinking till further notice; which is usually till you get paid or someone makes that “make it drizzle in your cup” call. I haven’t made any resolutions yet. I haven’t drunk alcohol throughout most of December and I can’t categorically claim that I’ve quit consuming the angel’s brew but I may be on my way there.

I’ve never been a resolution kind of guy. What are resolutions anyway? I bet designers and programmers can tell you more about resolutions than any random guy you meet in the street. Tear a piece of paper from last year’s diary because you haven’t got a free one yet and note this important point down; it may save your life. There are only two resolutions you can make; don’t make any resolution or make a resolution to keep your resolutions.

Which option would I go for? I go for the former. I don’t make any resolutions and I can tell you that’s the most important decision I made in my life. I’ve never slept better than the day I decided not to make any resolutions. Nowadays I dream in colour (key word is colour), have well-threaded suits and even hang out with girls whose faces I can see. Do you know how refreshing it is to see a girl’s face in your dream?

I’m not being a spoil sport or raining sour sauce on anybody’s parade. Resolutions don’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. There are actual human beings that make resolutions and see them through. I’m talking about fleshy, blood pumping and don’t fart lavender and cherries human beings. I’m not sure what schools they went to or who raised them but these people do exist and I laud them at every chance I get.

I read somewhere that every minute of planning saves you 10 minutes in execution. So that means if I plan for an hour, I would have saved very many hours in future. So even if you don’t see your resolutions you’ve slashed a few minutes from next year’s resolution setting ceremony. What have you resolved to do this year? Lose some weight because your skinny friend looks better in tights? Lighten your skin because dark skin stores too much energy and you’re a chilled guy?

Maybe those resolutions are too basic for you. Are you going big this year? Buy a new car because your friend drives a car he got on loan? Move into a 2 bedroom you can’t afford because you’re tired of having breakfast in bed? Date a bad bitch because she looks good on Instagram? I’m not good at resolutions so I’m running out of options here. Is there anything wrong with the aforementioned actions? Absolutely not! Why should your skin colour hold you back from getting the guy you want or making your big break in a Congolese band?

I made a resolution not to make any New Year resolutions for various reasons. The main reason is that I live everyday. Why should I wait 365 and a quarter days just to decide what I want to do? What’s with the quarter day? And when is this day? I need to show it to my boss just in case it falls on a weekday. Can’t I just wake up and start over on a random Wednesday? Do my resolutions have to be made on the 31st or 1st to have a major impact?

Isn’t there more to life? If you’ve read my blog before you probably know I’m not too religious but don’t castigate people for their faith either. But there’s more to life than a year. There are hours, days, weeks and months. You shouldn’t have to wait 52 weeks to decide you’re going to find a husband or wife. Wake up and be the person you want to be perceived as. Gyms aren’t open on the 1st only either.

If you dreamt of success last year, what changes in the remaining 364 days? If you have to make a resolution, why not make them everyday? Making a resolution is the easiest part of the maze. Keeping is the hardest bit. But the difficulty isn’t the issue here. Why are you making that resolution? To please someone? I won’t tell you it’s wrong because whatever we do is usually to gratify another party; whether it’s a supernatural being or a human being. I’m writing this because I hope someone reads it and shares their opinion with me.

What’s the goal of your resolution? Is the person you’re quitting whatever you plan on quitting going to appreciate it? Will you be offended if they don’t appreciate your effort? Or will you break down and fall farther into the pit self pity? When you resolve to love this year, love without expecting anything back and you’ll experience the true essence of love.

You probably weren’t even born on 31st or 1st; not even December or January. So why is it a new year to you? Why don’t you write down those resolutions on your birthday? Technically and literally, that is a new year for you and it’s more personal as compared to a global new year. Your extra weight wasn’t unwrapped on the 26th was it? You’ve probably carried it (or it’s carried you; use as appropriate) throughout the year so there’s no reason to be alarmed at the beginning of the year.

Appreciate every single day for the uniqueness it presents. You’re not going to get a big booty girl on every single birthday. You aren’t going to lose sleep over work everyday. Each day has its own surprises. The secret to enjoying even the little (or much) you possess is in appreciating it. We can’t all be rich and neither can we all be poor so work for what you want but be contented with whatever you have.

I’ve been promising myself I’d learn how to swim from 2009. Last year I just woke up on a random day and asked my friend to teach me how to swim. It was spontaneous and as much as I still don’t trust any level of water where my feet can’t feel the ground; I did something I had purposed to do at the beginning of 5 years but never really saw it through.

That may not be a major achievement because I don’t plan on living near any beach or riverbank in my lifetime, but at least I can hide under water for a few seconds and appear at the other end of the pool (Not the deep side). Most of the actions you wait until the end of the year to set as objectives are not necessarily time bound. It’s not like you’re trying to get a baby so you have specific days to get it done. You can stop drinking alcohol today. You can start losing weight today and hopefully by the time you recover from your brokenness you would have lost some of those extra pounds.

This year take some time out from getting offended at everything you see and keep your emotions in check. These shouldn’t be resolutions but an essential part of life. The lesser you fret about the more enjoyable life is. How do you think I survived almost 9 years in boarding in a public school being skinny? You just learn that not everything is worth responding to and sometimes it’s good to laugh at yourself. Be happy in 2016 and appreciate the simple things in life, like me.