Tears know no boundaries

Tears know no boundaries

Tears speak of more than sadness,

Tears speak of passion,

Tears speak of gratefulness,

Tears speak of joy,

But tears also speak of pain.

I shed a tear,

Blissful that people care,

Humanity is alive and well,

Outstretched arms,

All willing to lend a hand.

I shed a tear for the past,

The people that fought for justice,

Only for the just to manipulate justice,

To justify taking a life,

In the name of protecting justice.

I shed a tear for freedom,

Freedom of speech,

Freedom to enjoy peace,

Freedom of information,

Why did freedom have to die so young?

I shed tear for compassion,

One hand with a flower,

The other with a machete,

Why hide your intentions?

Do you want to help or look helpful?

I shed a tear of joy,

Joyful that the kids are happy,

Happy to grow,

And show the love they were shown,

I’m happy to be alive.


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