The One

The One

Dear The One,

Thursday evening. It’s a bit chilly and I’m in the house going about my specialty;lazing about. It’s been two and a half months and I haven’t seen her. My heart wants to beat for her but it’s my mind that craves for her. Her scent is what I can call mature and I’m not referring to the ‘sweet’ scent of sweat. Her body was carved out of flesh only. Unlike dames i spare some glances at,she wasn’t created by angels on internship,no: the Almighty did it Himself and put time into it. My phone rings and who is it? My favourite. Yes,that’s what she is;my favourite. As if fate was listening in on my thoughts,I get music to my ears. “Hey, fav. I’m in town can you come see me?” Can I? She was asking the wrong question. I’d go see her even if she was in hell or the kuklaxklan had her in their headquarters. In no time I’m racing down the road to go and see my favourite.

Time slowly fades as I stare into her eyes and upper chest(she has great knockers). I have a lot to think about but her life is equally important and interesting. With every statement that comes out of my mouth charm smuggles itself in it. The Charmer. That’s my alias when i’m with her. She’s the type of girl you can spend a night describing and still not come close to how great she is. I’m a serial paraphraser but there would be no words that can paraphrase my feelings for her. She is the first girl I honestly fell in love with. I remember her falling down in primary school,her having a wrapskirt mishap. The list is endless. She’s the one girl I can frankly admit would have had me in her bag. We reminisce the good times and the not so good ones. She’s headed back home and it’ll be another three months before I can see her again. As we wait for her bus,I am glad to just have her in my arms. Made me feel like I was in a James Bond movie(You do know 007 is a smooth operator?).

This is a feeling I can’t explain but what I know is that it’s a good feeling. If I was in favour with God like Gideon was i’d request the time to stand still. Every moment I spent with her is a moment i’d like to relive. There is not a day that goes by without her popping up in my thoughts. If she was to get a cold it wouldn’t be a common cold and I presume nothing is common about about her senses either. All she has is heightened to another level. She’s the kind of girl you’d introduce to your boys as the hot girl and to your family as the wife to be. Yeah,I know I sound messed up,but all cartoon and comic lovers know that the protagonist always has a weakness. And my kryptonite is her. She’s my mystery girl. The girl i’d run out of a drinking spree to see how her broken nail is healing,but with the beers in tow of course. She has what we call the magnetic self. If you are blind and miss out on the visual attraction then don’t despair my brother in darkness. Her personality will grab you by the collar and you can feel it’s breath on your face. I’m not exaggerating. I’m sure the sun first shines on her before remembering its duty to the rest of the world. Ok,I guess that’s a lie. The sun shines only on us because she doesn’t like the spotlight. What makes her so special? She brightens up my world. Whenever i’m around her I forget all that’s going on around me.

Enough about her,and more of me. That comes in a later episode or possibly season. I am not in the literal zone yet but i’m in my comfort zone when she’s on my mind. Her name I will keep a secret not because i’m ashamed or afraid but rather protective. If I say it i’m certain the CIA,KGB or Mossad may try and whisk her from under my nose. If not,the CID may pull a GSU on me and beat me up but i have sworn not to disclose her identity. That is until they actually start to beat me up of course. She’s my future cardio. Intelligence is my thing. I have a thing for girls with brains not bimbos. I never open up to a girl unless I have ulterior motives. With her I had none. I opened up because five years of bottling up feelings for one person can be too much for a normal person to carry. But not me. I’m Edward Ochieng Oyugi alias Ted Pot. I didn’t open up until five years later. That’ a hero right there. I’m only giving you a preview of season two;The Charmer. As much as I would want to make her the heiress to thee Oyugi seed,certain factors are not at ceteris paribus. My real reason for being single? I believe that one day fate will deliver her to my door if not my hands. We all have someone we want so badly. It’s a human need to be loved for without the love of another human being you have no reason to fight for life. I wake up each day knowing she will one day get over the pain of losing someone’s trust and won’t be afraid to explore her emotions. I know that I will get the opportunity take her to another world. Disney world would be a great destination but that is a topic for another day.

We are like two very contrasting species that complement each other. She’s like a persian cat;warm,homely and furry. On the other hand i’m like a greyhound;lean(i mean really lean),live on the edge and have little care for what is around me. But just like a greyhound i’m reliable. I’ll try never to disappoint when she’s counting on me. Our differences are what pull us together. I’d give my life for hers in a mouth-mouth resuscitation situation. She calls me for long periods and i’d rather be silent but have her on the other end of the line. Her name in it’s native form means queen and mine royal guard. Now I see the source of the lean body and my urgency towards her welfare. I’d say it’s fate. Hope is used by people who have no faith in whatever they claim to believe in. This sounds like one of those fairy tales or soap operas but trust me there’s a gangstar side to it but I have to own a gun first and mum says no guns till i’m thirty. I know one day she will read this but if you happen to read it prior and have those African American names like Shaniqua or no English names like Wavinya Ndeti be certain it’s not you. When she reads this i’ll have given my first literal piece to her. I’m surprised at how a girl can make the Prince and heir to the crown of Lazyingdom write this in less than a day.(sorry have to take a bathroom break;i’m back now). Yes.she made me write all these in less than four hours. My word! I couldn’t even complete an essay in high school. That is my letter to you.

Yours lovingly,



  1. “know one day she will read this but if
    you happen to read it prior and have those
    African American names like Shaniqua or no
    English names like Wavinya Ndeti be certain
    it’s not you.” dammit! ! SAD DAY IN AFRICA lol

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