The Heat of the Moment

The Heat of the Moment

What’s love got to do with it?



Love makes me wake up,

Love makes me smile,

Love makes me hate,

Love makes me ambitious,

Love makes me take risks,

Love makes me content,

Love makes me make mistakes,

I loved her,

I thought it was meant to be,

I knew there wasn’t anyone better,

It was either her,

Or her tomorrow,

All I knew was it had to be her,

I lived for her,

I made sacrifices,

Because if she wasn’t happy,

We weren’t happy,

I made a decision,

There could only be one outcome,

I was at my prime,

She wasn’t mindful of the dime,

Now was the time,

So I made my move,

I knew I had the groove,

Decided to kill two birds with one stone,

Ricochet is real.

She loved horror films,

So I took her for a movie,

Chose the perfect seat,

Got her skittles,

She loved her drink fizzy,

Took our seats,

Wrapped my hands around her,

She leaned in,

Playfully planted a kiss on me,

Tucked her hands under mine,

Movie started,

Screams rent the theatre,

Her grip grew tighter,

At the climax,

The screen went black,

The theatre silent,

It was suddenly cold,

A man grabbed me by the throat,

She let go and started to scream,

The screen came back on with the words,

“You’re my life,

Will you marry me?”

Tears flowed from her eyes,

She put her hands on my face with a smile,

With the calmest voice ever.

She said,

“No, not today!”,

My throat was free,

But I couldn’t breathe,

Disappointment was choking me,

I played it cool though,

And I’m here today.

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