I died for a minute,

Lost consciousness,

Everything stopped,

My heart raced,

I could see,

But couldn’t feel,

I’d lost it all,

Everything except the pain,

The pain of losing her,

Losing my life.

Her body lay lifeless,

My cold hands over her,

If I had one wish,

It would be her,

Holding me,

She gave it all to me,

Her time,

Body and heart,

I could’ve have left her heart,

At least then she’d be alive.

I’m on ground but I’m drowning,

I try to stay afloat,

Take in as much air as possible,

But I always come short,

I was never God’s gift to women,

You were his gift to me,

I should have taken better care of you,

Now I’m stuck with myself,

There’s never a right time to be sorry,

Once lost, you can never be replaced.

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