Kristi was like a dream,

Not what I wanted to be,

Or what I couldn’t have,

But what most guys would never have,

Short curly hair,

Translucent eyes,

She could see my needs,

I could see her deeds,

Slim face with a set of dimples,

Not just any dimples,

Deep dimples.

Snow white teeth,

Chiselled to perfection,

And the lips,


I’d say it in French,

But I’d have to speak in tongues,

She was a dream.

Caramel skin with a flowing neckline,

Cleavage deep enough to swallow any man’s pride,

Flat belly with a ring,

Angel tattoo on the side of her abdomen,

And the hips?


Well rounded,

Almost as if they were drawn,

Thighs thick enough to be in contact,

But not too thick to wear each other out,

Steady legs,

Firm but not muscular,

Small slim feet,

Just big enough to keep her on the ground,

Soft hands with slim fingers,

Touch so sleek,

I have to insist,

She was just but a dream.

Did I mention her tongue?

Did I say it was magical?

Every time our lips interlocked,

It would do rounds in my mouth,

Tingle the erotica from within,

Her hands would grasp the back of my head,

A gentle but assured grasp,

My hands would operate on her backline,

From her neck,


To her rounded bum,

Any time I’d lay my lips on her neck,

She’d let out a light moan,

Bite her lower lip and hold on harder,

She’d tell me not to stop,

I’d back her against the wall,

Turn her and kiss the back of her neck,

Gently nibble on her neck,

Cusp her breast and kiss her back,

From her shoulders to her waistline,

She had me by the hook,

She was only a dream though.

I’d sit her on the counter,

Put my lips on her belly,

Give her light kisses,

She’d wrap her legs around me,

The warmth of her inner thighs,

Soft nature of her skin,

And moans motivating me further,

I’d gently kiss her thighs,

As her moan got deeper and louder,

I’d pull her panties to the side,

Get welcomed by warm moist lips,

Clean and inviting,

I’d bury my face into her slit,

Navigate my tongue around,

Flick her clit,

As her wrap got tighter,

She’d hold my head,

My tongue deep in her,

She’d call my name,

I’d mumble hers back,

She’d let out a loud moan,

And her juices would flow,

Kristi was the one,

But she was just a dream.

She’d get her breath back,

And get on her knees,

Unbuckle my belt,

Wet her lips,

Before she’d put them to work,

The way she’d wrap her tongue around me,

Would have me weak in the knees,

She’d switch the tempo,

Look up,

Straight into my eyes,

All without stopping,

I’d have her lay on her tummy,

Slip into a comfortable latex,

Slide into her wet shore,

I’d start with slow thrusts,

Kissing her neck,

She’d moan and tell me to go faster,

I’d get deeper into her,

Our moist bodies,

Moving in rhythm,

I’d flip her and regulate my thrusts,

Looking at her face of pleasure,

We’d hold each other tighter,

And let free our lust,

Then lie on the floor and stare into space,

It was always a dream.


  1. Talking about Kristi makes my member feel funny.I like this…its like flipping someone off with a soulful look that says ‘I don’t care…I’m lustful…so what!’ I wish you could give me more emotion,or depth to wade through…it’s like you just scratched the surface of dude’s feelings for Kristi.I would have also liked to know what Kristi thinks of dude.I know she loved being eaten out by him and could give good head(i’m assuming) but I don’t have a sense of who she is.Altogether,this was dope.I look forward to more from you.

    1. Thank you very much. I was doing something superficial that involved no feelings at all. I would have liked to bring out the warmth or rather passion of her emotion but people so often can’t sustain their minds on reading a poem-formated copy for more than two minutes. I do however, get you point and I will make a point to try and explore the emotional side of my writings especially when it comes to erotic writing.

      I appreciate the fact that you actually took your time to read through it and give me your feedback. That’s a positive thing for me and I’m working on that.

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