A Simple Feeling

A Simple Feeling

The smoke?
It never clouded my judgement,
The stagger,
Never limited my movement,
Nothing was impossible.

The first shot,
Took me to the next level,
My first snort,
Brought me back to life,
I’d never been to heaven.

I thought it was the pills,
Or maybe it was just the thrill,
This was a new high,
Something of a psychedelic,
She’d just unearthed a relic.

Maybe I’m new to this,
But it feels different,
Like you’re on top of the world,
But with the world in your hands,
A feeling I never experienced.

She said it wasn’t love,
But she was in love,
She didn’t race through my mind,
She’d taken off with it,
A simple feeling of love.

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