Year: 2019

His & Her Perspective- Final

The day was finally here. Penny and Richie were going to meet and iron out their issues. Since the last phone conversation, they had chatted but nothing about the earlier conversation had cropped up. They chose a restaurant they frequented. It was a small Chinese restaurant with a homely touch. Richie had already arrived since…

You know who

Why I’m I back? I honestly don’t know. You’ve provided answers for so long in my life I don’t know where else to run to. I can see how everything will pan out but I don’t have a clue as to how where I’ll start. The big picture is pretty clear.


Penny sighed and continued, “You never open up. Even when I ask, you’ll just say something like, it’s easy, I sorted it out, no need to fret. I don’t know. Maybe that’s who you are or you just want to be strong for other people. But there’s really nothing I can do when I’m communicating…

His & Her Perspective- Part 1

“You ask me why I’m silent? I’m silent because I need to rediscover myself. I need to get to the point where I know people are important in life but not necessarily my life.”

When you give up

The frustration of giving something your all and not getting takes a toll even on the strongest of spirits and I know mine is barely crawling out of weakness. People have made it seem like giving up is a thing only weak people do and that is a very dangerous path to chart.