The innocent thief

Elia was one of the most alluring ladies that Pete had ever come across. They say beauty is relative but the relativity of relativeness cannot be measured. She was beautiful by any standards. Pete had found in her something that he had not experienced in a very long time. A sense of innocence wrapped in a naughty nature. This was the kind of lady he knew would fulfill his desires. Elia on the other hand was on a conquest to find the one she would love. The meeting between the two was by fate and as fate would have it, they were not going to back down form this opportunity.

Fate would have it that they were on holiday at the same time, in the same location and with the same intention. Elia was the shy type that preferred to keep everything under the radar and Pete was just Pete. Anything would go without giving it a second thought. As they were both going for breakfast, Elia stole a glance at Pete and her eyes were burning with lustful desire. Pete knew that he only had eyes for her and if he did not take up this chance, he would have to live with an unaccomplished goal for life.

As evening approached, all that ran in Pete’s mind was whether he was going to have a one-on-one with Elia or not. As he was sitting on the beach front with his friends, he was glancing at his phone every three minutes. As time flew by he lost all hope of ever being with her. He set his sights on another girl who was not Elia or anything close to it. He met Faiza who was open to anything he was down for. They started on a high note and things looked to go really well. Her cylindrical thighs, rounded bust, silk lips and hypnotic smile were now clearer. He walked her to her room and as soon as the door shut so did the innocence. She plastered her soft lips on his and he gently grabbed her by the bum and lifted her on to the counter. She leaned back as he slowly pulled her skirt up. He kissed gently on the neck as she began to quiver. He slipped his hand on her back side and gently lifted her. Then there was a knock on the door.  Faiza’s boyfriend was at the door. They both dressed up and Pete went to the balcony where he sat down. The boyfriend was drunk and didn’t notice a thing. Pete casually slipped out of the room.

The first person he met at the staircase was Elia. Hot from the steamy mini-romance he had just experienced, he still wanted Elia. Without a word, she grabbed his hand and led him to her room. On one of the bed, a friend was asleep but this did not deter them from what was about to ensue. They jumped onto one of the beds and locked their lips. He lifted her bikini top from over her neck and started kissing her firm rounded boobs. She moaned gently and arched her back. They turned to look at the friend on the next bed and decided to move to the bathroom. She sat on the counter as he passionately kissed her lips and ran his fingers on her back. He untied the knot on her bikini bottom and kissed her navel as he rubbed her thighs.

He put the tip of his tongue on her slit and played with it. She was gradually getting wet and wrapped her legs around his neck. She put her hand on his head and pressed it on her crotch. He swirled his tongue on her slit and in and around her vagina. He rose to his feet and slipped into her as she gasped and let out a moan. He thrust into her in a rhythmic motion as their sweaty bodies came into contact. After a number of thrusts they both climaxed and lay on the counter, with looks of accomplishment on their faces.

Teacher’s Teacher

Philosophy is not something I can pin a definition to. The definition in the dictionary is what a group of scholars sat down and decided we should use. But who approves who a philosopher is and who is not? Was St. Augustine of Hippo a philosopher for saying, “If I am given a formula, and I am ignorant of its meaning, it cannot teach me anything, but if I already know it, what does the formula teach me?” Or was he a philosopher because these very words caught the attention of an individual or group of people that related to it? Anybody is philosophic in essentiality depending on the intelligence of the listener.

What I’m I aiming at? Standards. Who sets the set the standards for what is right and what is wrong? Good or bad? Are we not encouraged not to be of the world in Christianity? Are we not taught to maintain our own whenever we know it is right? But does the “world” not set standards to which we should abide to? Success is measured in the wealth one has accumulated or the level of education they have attained. Is success a societal achievement or an individual accomplishment? Is a person successful if he has no wealth and dropped out of high school and is happy? You tell me.

Who decides what is right or wrong in whatever beliefs you have? Are all these holy books not written by human beings? The white man introduced Christianity to Africa and made the black man abandon his beliefs. Is there a difference between believing in the Holy Spirit and believing in the spirit of an ancestor? The holy books have individuals that they revolve around. What is the difference between them and the prophets Africans believed in? Did the white man not make the African make take the bible as the “gospel” truth? Should the bible not be a guideline to how we should live? The bible clearly states the laws on sexual behaviours in human beings but the same people are the ones propagating for same sex relationships. Does the Quran not say, “Whoever kills an innocent, it is as if he has killed all humankind?” Then who decides who is innocent and who is not?

We have the judiciary that is charged with the duty of dispensing justice to the public. Justice means equity. Plato tried to explain the concept of justice to the Greek people. I will not attempt to explain it to you. The phrase on earth we live by the law justice is found in heaven perfectly summarizes the situation we are in. Take these scenarios. A consensual act of sexual intercourse between two students aged 17 years resulted in the male student being sentenced to 15 years, and the female going scot-free. Where is the justice in that or does justice apply differently to different individuals? The second scenario where defiling a child under the age of 11 years carries the mandatory sentence of life imprisonment, and if the child is aged between 12 and 15 then the culprit must be sentenced to at least 20 years. A similar offence on a child aged 16 to 18 carries a minimum sentence of 15 years. Are these not all children? Haven’t they all been robbed of something they can never get back?

These are just my thoughts. Did someone set the standard for what I have written? I don’t know but do you know whose standards you are bound by? Do you have any input in setting them and what is the consequence of setting your own standards? Self-evaluation will only take a minute or two. Look in the mirror.

Perfect Imperfections

Have you ever given your all to one human being? Not just yourself, but your time and principles? Emotions aside. When one individual will never vacate your thoughts and you never mind. The person you can see yourself with in more than just one situation. The kind of person you feel is the perfect fit to your puzzle. If you got this person, your life would be complete. When you can see perfections in imperfections, joy in sadness. This is not a feeling that comes so often in life but when it does, it’s not a feeling you would like to lose. I’d equate it to the feeling Shakespeare had when his plays were being enacted all over  England. The feeling Napoleon had when he was victorious in wars. The kind of satisfaction Mother Teresa had when she offered her aid free of charge. This is a feeling that takes any individual to a tranquil location where everything is going according to plan.

I have been lucky enough to have experienced this feeling in my life. If it never happens again I have enough content to put out for another lifetime to experience this from a third party perspective. I will just use the name I referred to and still refer to her as, my favourite or recently, the one. She is like the love song that makes you cry. Not because it’s sad. Her beauty is evident in all that she does. I will be honest that describing her is something close to a theory but my Math teacher made me believe calculus was possible so even you can be a convert. That is perfection fitted on a human body and given the ability to relate with the rest of humanity. I may be wrong about perfection but then again it is he who feels that knows. Scrap all that inner beauty notion people trying to defend their choice of partner try to propagate. She has visible beauty. She’s not the Brandy type of lady whose beauty takes time before it strikes you or the Nikki kind that carry their beauty in makeup kits. Her beauty is very simple with no artificial aesthetics other than her spectacles. She laughs at the fact that I am an Arsenal fan. But just like my beloved Arsenal and I, she has always been there through it all.

There’re girls you want your friends to meet and those you want family that are not necessarily friends, who are the parents, to meet. She is a mix of both. Her dashing looks are not something you can fail to show off. Her hand I can hold while walking. My hands I can wrap around her shoulders anywhere anytime. I can let her lean on me anywhere without any ounce of shame. She’s my kind of girl. Not the overdone Nairobi girl that looks like a drag queen or the shady looking Mombasa girl. She’s a Beyoncé of sorts. Beautiful but very well mannered. The kind who don’t air their dirty laundry. I’m sorry Kelly Rowland. Her personality is lovable. She’s easy on the words with a Toni Braxton tone. I wouldn’t expect a person who listens to autotune and Miley Cyrus to relate to my awe in the voice but music enthusiasts will understand me. Her soft nature is something I have not experienced with any other being. It’s like slipping your feet into velvet slippers, the comfort and cushioning is amazing. She makes me comfortable and cushions my flaws to make me feel like a superhero. Nobody has a responsibility to make you feel this way other than those that brought you into this world and yourself. The fact that she is there in such a way for me it’s only natural that I am so passionate about her.

It just happens that this looks like a dream to the world but all dreams have to come from somewhere. I am wide awake right now but I do know that this has happened in my life at one time. It may be in my dreams or from my subconscious but I do have a favourite. How reality and fantasy are intertwined I may never be able to figure. I just know what I feel for this particular lady is special and will never change. The mist in mystery is something she puts in the blur that I have in my dreams. Maybe next time I wake up things will be different.



Jane, simple and innocent was introduced to Jim,

At first Jim was everything she hated in life,

A drunk, non-committed, Casanova of a man,

Jim was the epitome of sin and Jane a saint,

Pure, honest and beautiful,

At first it started out as a friendship,

A platonic relationship with no form of intimacy

Jane was the perfect Christian, believed in monogamy,

Jim the perfect child, believed in the spirit of sharing,

Jane noticed Jim had a quality she wanted in a partner,

He took risks and never took time to regret his actions,

He was also easy with the vocabulary and charming,

With time she made it clear that had she had feelings for him

Jim did what was natural and reciprocated the thought,

A form of romance brew between the two,

This was turning out to be what Jane had always wanted,

To be shown love and treated like a queen,

But Jim was not on the same page,

Jim was a proponent of status quo,

He started to realize a change in Jane’s tendencies,

She tried too hard to make it in a world that was new to her,

And Jim,

He tried too hard not to make it in a world he was used to,

Jane was the modern day Monalisa,

Simple in her looks but caught the attention of many,

What was to be a blossoming relationship was turning out sour,

Jim wanted his life back; Jane wanted a new life,

This could not work out and Jane gave up,

The life Jane knew was no longer there,

There were new frontiers and new challenges,

Things she never thought she would have to battle in her life,

Jane walked into a den she had not been to,

She got pregnant and the father to be bailed out,

She had to make a choice, keep it or leave it,

She left it

Jane made a choice and she had to live with it



Mary was the opposite of Jane, adventurous and bold,

She would go for what she wanted, when she wanted,

She met Paul, a sucker for love,

They grew together in friendship,

This matured to romance and they loved every bit of it,

Paul was at a cross-road,

He met Danielle, the lustful version of Mary,

She showered him with intimacy he could not resist,

Mary was turning out to be nothing like he had envisaged,

She was a sucker for love just like he was,

She was putting on a brave face to get him,

Paul chose Danielle over Mary,

Mary met Jack, a young successful man,

It started out like they all do,

A simple hello and goodbye,

It grew to daily communication and weekly meets,

Mary and Jack were both hurt from their previous relationships,

They found peace and comfort in each other arms,

The terms of their relationship were not properly laid out,

They got intimate and forgot about love,

Mary started to get attached to Jack,

Jack on the other hand,

Had feelings for Christine,

While he showered Mary with intimacy,

He pampered Christine with love,

Mary came home one day and found shoes outside,

She walked in and clothes were on the floor,

She walked into the room and Christine was in her bed,

Her lean body pressed against Jack’s,

She picked up her belongings and walked out of the door,

She made a choice and she had to live with it


There are very few things individual human beings have control over,

The ability to make a choice is one of them,

They can be good or bad,

Right or wrong,

The joy of making a choice lies in standing by the decision,

There is a power in the mention of I,

Assigning blame only paints a picture of irresponsibility,

We have to be responsible for our choices,

It is all about timing and precision,

A choice can never be perfect for all parties,

You just have to learn how to live with them,

I have,

And that is the choice I made and live with.